We thrive on our relationships; our family, our friends and that includes our pets. They can bring so much love and joy to each of us. Sometimes we may see pet ownership as more of a chore than a joy. That may be a result of not really thinking through what it means to bring a new puppy or kitty into your home. It’s much akin to bringing home a new baby – you need to be prepared! Do I have the time to care for a pet? Am I up to walking, training, grooming? What will they need? Quite a bit!

We are a small business with big dreams! Our goal at LaDolce Petz is to offer some of the products you’ll need; beds, harness, leashes, clothes, and toys. Most importantly we share pet owner experiences through our online community. The relationship between owners, family, and pets should be joyful, fun-filled, and heart-warming.

Like their humans, our pets thrive when nurtured and well-trained. We thrive too because their unconditional love brings us warmth and comfort; they can actually teach us a lot too. A healthy relationship with our pets can bring us much joy and laughter and some good exercise too!

We hope you’ll drop in and share your experiences and lessons learned with your fur baby as they go through their stages of life.  We’ll be sure to share ours!

About Us

Let me introduce a few of the characters behind LaDolcePetz. I am Cecie, which rhymes with Jessie, not CiCi. In the corporate world, it’s been an icebreaker, I repeat and spell my name at least 3x at each intro. Cool name, where are you from? Is that your real name? The questions begin and the ice has melted! Now, meet Lucas, he’s our fierce-looking, loud-barking, loveable pit-boxer!

Lucas was 3 weeks old when we rescued him. He was a New Year’s baby born early that morning along with 11 other pups. Sadly, most of them died in the cold. Lucas was a tough little survivor. He was so little that I would tuck him into my sweatshirt to keep him warm. Sammy and our family, especially the kids, poured so much love on him that he quickly learned to give it back! We love our fur baby! He is the most frolicky, sociable, bold, and lovable member of the family. One night, it was just the two of us, I was feeling alone and chilled and somehow, he sensed it; he came and snuggled up close.  It hit me how much comfort a pet can be, especially for those who are homebound, or sick. Lucas has been the inspiration for our store. We pamper him from time to time and so we've brought some of our favorite products to you. We offer a “handpicked” selection of products and apparel for your active, sometimes fashionista fur baby!

Rescuing Lucas brought our family unconditional, unexpected love and joy. Like Lucas, there are many pets looking for a loving home.  As such, we like giving a portion of our proceeds to rescue shelters. 

We hope you'll like our selections and encourage you to share your favorite pet stories, too. We hope you'll be back again and again!