Simon my Big Old Friend

Jun 2, 2022
Simon is an American Pit Bull Terrier. He has been with my family for more than 17 years. I was a kid when I got him. He has seen me grow all these years to become an adult. He was part of the most important moments of my life: my first girlfriend; the time that I almost failed a semester; all the late nights that he would keep me company when I was studying for a test. Simon shared in all those moments. I don't have a picture with my family where he is not right next to me.

Now he is a Big Old Dog, moving really slowly through my mom's house, (he lives with my mom, it’s his decision not mine), and I go visit him every day. I take him on a short walk. Poor baby, his legs are not the same anymore. His long belly rubs on the grass but, most significantly, we have long talks about my day and his day. All this time this now big old dog has shown me compassion, forgiveness, loyalty and consistency. Simon always waits for his trusty friend to come and get him for his walk.

Simon is not just a dog for me, Simon is my oldest friend. He was always playful, never got in trouble, but he was good at getting me out of trouble. I remember one time in our daily walk I was trying a new route, but Simon wasn't feeling himself on that route. He was really stressed and not at all enjoying the walk. I got worried, thought he was sick or something, then we came to an intersection; I didn't see anyone, but Simon did. It only took a fraction of a second for Simon to become the biggest dog I have ever seen! I was still clueless of what was happening, but when I turned around, I saw 2 people running away from us. Two minutes later a neighbor came to our house and told us that he just got robbed on that same intersection that I was walking with Simon.

You see, Simon has a really sharp instinct that even at his old age, he is still the sharpest in the room, always alert and keeping an eye out for all the family. Now, when I see Simon moving from one bed to the other, I just think that Simon has served us well and this is his moment to relax and enjoy life. I have him set up like a retired Big old friend, who is living his best years right next to the people that he loves the most, our family.

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