Romeo oh Romeo

Oct 22, 2021
Romeo joined my family when he was a month old. I fell in love with this red sweet puppy that was so playful. When he was about 3 years old, I had to travel for work and my sister agreed to watch him for me. On the way to the airport I drove him over to her house and when I put him down, he ran into the back yard. I asked her if her yard was fenced on all sides and she said "no". I called out to him "Romeo, Romeo...." well you know the rest and he did not return. I went around back and no Romeo. I went to the front of the house and there he was in front of the house, I called to him and he would not come, so I ran to catch him. Every time I got closer to him, he would run off. This was not a good time for fun and games, I had a flight to catch. Romeo kept this up and I started to get very concerned because he was running and getting closer to a busy intersection and I could not bear that thought of what could happen if he ran into the busy street. I certainly could not watch him get hurt so I stopped chasing him and went back to my sister's house without him. I was so frustrated and concerned at the same time that my tears just flowed. As I stood there crying ,while my sister tried to comfort me, we hear a scratching on the door. I opened the door and in pounced Romeo with a perplexed face as if saying "did you get tired of playing chase?" Oh my, I was so mad at him and yet so happy he came back.

Like kids, our fur babies put us through trials that make us realize just how much we love them.

Romeo, oh Romeo!

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