Lucas, our boy has so much personality!

May 2, 2022

Lucas, our boy has so much personality! We probably should have named him Romeo because he is such a lover! He bounces into our room first thing in the morning and all he wants is to be pet and loved. Well, to be fair, he sure gives us a lot of love and kissing, more like licking, if we let him! It doesn’t take much to make him happy. He can express more with his face in a few minutes than most people can say in an hour!

Now let's talk about his personality. I find it amazing to see how much our furry babies take on so many traits of our personalities and roll them into one very smart and funny character.  So true that they become a unique member of our family. 

Lucas, it's no ordinary dog, of course we would say that! He must have been watching rabbits or horses on TV because he doesn’t just walk into a room, he gallops or hops in. We know he’s coming, and you might want to get out of his way! He’ll come up to you and make it very clear that it’s time to rub his back. And… don’t stop until he’s ready because he’ll paw at you to let you know to continue. Well, if you’re not available he’ll go and seduce anyone else in the room. Friends often say he should be a comfort dog because his loving ways just make you feel good.  

Lucas was one of a litter of 12 pups. You can say we rescued him when he was 3 weeks old. He had the biggest blue eyes and a round face. In fact, his face looked bigger than his body when he was a pup. They were born on New Year’s Day and were put outside… Sadly only 2 survived. He was so small that I’d wrap him inside my sweatshirt while I worked from home. I felt like a doggie kangaroo mom. Needless to say, we have a special bond but, I’m not the only one he’s wrapped around his paws. All the kids have taken part in training and loving up on him. Consequently, he demands love, but he also gives it unabashedly. 

Lucas seems to have a squirrel fetish… One particular day while we were walking on the trails Lucas spotted a squirrel. He took off with such speed and strength that he left me holding the leash as he went on a chase. He almost took my hand with him, and I was NOT happy with him at all. I yelled at him to come back…  I was really mad. He took one look at me and knew that he was headed for the doghouse and no treats tonight. When we got home, he went straight under the table to hide.  Quite a while later I called him and he came charging out a happy boy once again, ready to nuzzle up. We just love how these furry babies love so unconditionally. They respond joyfully and train easily when you train them with love and consistency.

Lucas is a great dog; he has a fierce bark that he doesn’t hesitate to use when a stranger comes by. All it takes is an introduction and a pat on the head and the lover in him makes you his best friend! Love my boy!  

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