Lessons My Pet Taught Me!

Aug 26, 2021

1) Forgiveness is good for the soul! I can scold my pal and he'll hide under the table, behind the couch or retreat to a hidden space. All I have to do is call him, and he comes back happily.

2) Sometimes what we don't want is exactly what we need! I was not happy when this 3 week old puppy with big blue eyes showed up. Now I can't imagine life without his super affectionate nature and unconditional love!

3. Life is short, enjoy every moment! We already know that from our own life experiences but, somehow our dogs have a way of reminding us that life really is short - embrace every moment. The smallest things make him happy. In fact, just being with us is enough!

4. Enjoy the simple things. All Lucas has to see is his leash and he's bounding with joy! Settling beside us on the couch is his idea of heaven. Being soaked with the hose makes his day! Go walk in the rain, watch a movie, take a walk - enjoy the moment!

5. It's okay to be silly! Lucas swears he can grab the water with his mouth; catch a bird in flight, scare a fly with his bark. Silly dog makes us laugh. Laughter helps us unwind, be silly!

6. Stop and smell the roses! Lucas will stop and smell the roses, the leaves, the tree trunks, paw prints, dirt, twigs and anything else on his path! Yes, we need to slow down and take in life to the fullest; treasure the little moments - that helps us balance the challenging ones.








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